REVIEW: QF692, Adelaide to Melbourne

Flight Review, Qantas Airways (QF692), Adelaide (ADL) to Melbourne (MEL)

Date Flown: 11/03/2018

Qantas operates Adelaide to Melbourne flights daily, flights depart throughout the day often as early as 6am (luckily my flight was later in the day). The current timetable (effective 18/3/18) shows that each week there are around 64 flights that fly on this route. All of this flights are operated by a Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

(Image courtesy of Qantas)
Qantas Boeing 737-800 Seat Map

All the Qantas Boeing 737-800 aircraft are configured in a two class configuration, with 12 seats in business class and 162 seats in economy.
Click here for the aircraft seat map.

Qantas offers free wifi on it’s “Wi-Fi Enabled” aircraft, unfortunately I was flying on VH-VZU, which isn’t one of those enabled aircraft. Qantas does expects to have its Boeing 737’s fitted with wifi access by the end of 2018, only 9 months to go! YAY!

On this flight I was lucky enough just to have the Panasonic AVOD (Ad-Based Video On Demand) to each seat back. The content changes each month with new titles being added. The AVOD is a touchscreen entertainment device that’s fixed into the seat in front of you, except for Rows 1 and 4. The screen in those seats is located in your arm rest, a quick press the button and your screen is released and you simply move it into place.

For this flight I was seated in 6A, which is just a standard economy seat (30′ pitch and 17.2′ width) each seat onboard this aircraft is able to be reclined too.

Check In
Getting a flight from Adelaide Airport is simple it’s one of the best airports in Australia. Check-In was quick and efficient, I used the priority queue, as I’m travelling as a Qantas Platinum/Oneworld Emerald passenger. I simply passed over my Qantas

Frequent Flyer membership card to the check in assistant at the desk. As I was flying on this trip as part of my birthday, I was met with a Happy Birthday greeting as she was checking my flight details and there was even a birthday message printed on my boarding pass, which was a lovely addition.
I was handed my boarding passes and was wished another Happy Birthday and she hoped that it was going to be an enjoyable one.

As Adelaide is my hometown I’m very familiar with the lounge and didn’t need the explanation of how to get to it from check in, she did offer which is good if you’re passing through and unfamiliar airport and your not too sure where to go.

I made my way through security, the line was short as it was a Sunday. I quickly got though with very little wait and headed straight to the Qantas Club, a full review of the Adelaide Qantas Club will be coming soon – Stay Tuned!

Boarding and Departure
Boarding commenced at Gate 21, which is just a short walk from the lounge. I boarded using the priority queue. Priority boarding is available for Business, Qantas Platinum and Platinum One members as well as Qantas Gold and it’s oneword equivalents, Emerald and Sapphire. The Qantas ground crew members were polite at welcoming everyone and made sure that they recognised the status of each passenger that was boarding.

There’s no better feeling than walking down the Airbridge and stepping onto an aircraft. The CSM (Customer Service Manager) on board was Donna, she gave me a friendly welcome as I boarded. Within minutes of the front door being closed and the completion of boarding. Donna came up to me personally and wish me a very Happy Birthday. She politely offered a glass of the Grant Burge Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay to help celebrate as soon as we took off. It was poured into the new David Caon glassware, she was interested in knowing how I was going to celebrate and where my final destination was. Throughout the flight I had most of the crew come up to have a chat with me and wish me a Happy Birthday.

In-flight and Arrival
Meal service commenced 20 minutes after take off, the duration of the flight was only 1 hour and 15 minutes so just a small refreshment was on offer. The refreshment on this flight was crackers and cheese with dip and cookies, the drink service followed soon after.

Donna, the CSM onboard

After the plane arrived at the gate, everyone jumped up out of there seats, being in Row 6 it didn’t take long to get out. I politely asked Donna if she would mind if I got a photo with her, she was more than happy to. I had to wait until here was a break in the line of passengers. I made sure I stood out of the way in the galley. She was so polite to EVERY passenger as they were getting off, she personally thanked each passenger for flying with Qantas and wished them a pleasant journey. There was a quick gap in the rush and I got my photo with her. She wished me a Happy Birthday once again and I disembarked the aircraft.

Overall, it was an amazing flight, it would have had to be one of my most memorable flights on Qantas, right from the beginning at check in the staff were polite and welcoming and made for a professional yet friendly feelling. Donna the onboard CSM was an absolute delight, I’m glad she was operating the flight, she made sure that all the crew onboard wished me a Happy Birthday and they all went above and beyond. All the Qantas staff that I encountered made sure that they acknowledged my status – Which is not something that all Qantas staff and crew do.

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to begin my birthday adventure and this flight was a sign of good things to come. It’s these special moments that still makes flying special, as flying has become a normal part of many lifestyles now it’s nice to have these moments when they mean a lot to passengers, it’s not just all about getting form one place to another.

Thank You to all the crew onboard QF692 on the 11th March 2018, I can’t thank you enough, you all went above and beyond and it really is appreciated.

Disclaimer: All the reviews are simply a summary of my experience and opinions from my own point of view. Unless stated, all of the flights and experiences are paid for by myself as a self-funded frequent flyer. No articles or reviews are influenced in any way by a third party or company.

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