Qantas and Emirates Extend Partnership

Qantas and Emirates Partnership.
Date Posted: 30/03/2018

Key Points:

  • Applied to extend the partnership until 2023.
  • Adjustments to be made for trans-tasman services.
  • Qantas increases flights to Auckland, from Melbourne and Brisbane.
  • Working with each airlines network strengths.
  • Offering more options to travellers and greater loyalty benefits to passengers.
  • Codesharing services will continue to operate, both with QF and EK flight numbers.

Qantas and Emirates have announced that they have applied to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Minister for Transport in New Zealand, to extend the partnership of these airlines for another five years, until 2023.

Qantas believes that these changes will provide its passengers with a improved frequency of flights all year round. These changes are reflective of customer demand, and will concentrate more on each airlines network strengths. By continuing their partnership it allows passengers to travel between Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Earlier, Emirates announced that they are withdrawing the trans-tasman services from the 25th March 2018. This will see the removal of the Melbourne to Auckland (EK406/EK407) and also the Brisbane to Auckland (EK434/EK435) flights. With Emirates set to announce an additional Dubai to Auckland service, via Denpasar.

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With these changes to the trans-tasman services, Qantas has increased its frequency of flights from Australia to New Zealand to meet with demand, with the addition of seven extra services each week. Qantas has also said that it will upgrade the aircraft on some of these routes, seeing the Boeing 737-800 replaced with the twin aisled Airbus A330. Business Class passengers will notice the differences the most. With the Airbus A330 offering passengers fully flat beds and there own personal suite, offering direct aisle access from each seat.

Qantas has also changed there stopover port on the London bound flights, with Dubai being pushed aside and Singapore now being used. This revised route will continue to sold as a codeshare service, with flights being sold with a “QF” (Qantas) and “EK” (Emirates) flight number. The remaining A380 service between Sydney and Christchurch (EK412/EK413) will still be bookable under both flight numbers.

Qantas and Emirates flight network… (Image: Qantas)

Emirates proudly offers a huge range of connection options to travellers when transiting through their Dubai hub. Emirates offers flights to 38 European destinations and 28 Middle East and North African desistiations, serviced by the largest fleet of Airbus A380’s along with there smaller aircraft, the Boeing 7777 series. Emirates CEO, Sir Tim Clark and Qantas Group CEO, Alan Joyce have both got great feedback on the previous partnership agreement, that was in operation for the last five years and both claim it was a great success.

“Reauthorization of the partnership will allow us to leverage and combined network strengths, to offer customers even more flight choices and reciprocal benefits to the millions of frequent flyer members…” of each respective airlines program.
– Alan Joyce, Qantas Group CEO.

Access to more lounges across the world… (Image: Qantas)

Since 2013, Qantas has been able to deliver a greater choice to their passengers who choose to travel with them and their partner airline Emirates. Over 8 million passengers have travelled over 65 billion kilometres on their joint network.

With greater advancements in aircraft technology, Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce believes that they “need to enhance the partnership to reflect the customer demand” . With the new Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner now flying from Perth to London non-stop. There is no need for Qantas to rely on Dubai as their stopover hub and the partnership with the two airlines needs to reflect that and work to each airlines strengths.

“Were evolving our joint network so we can serve them [customers], even better for the next five [years]” – Alan Joyce, Qantas Group CEO.

As of 24th March 2018, The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has re-authorised the network agreement between Qantas Airways and Emirates for a further five years, until 2023.

“… will likely lead to a range of public benefits such as improved connectivity and loyalty program benefits” – Rodger Featherston, ACCC Commissioner.

The only condition imposed by the ACCC, requires both of the carriers involved to report on seats and passengers flown, fares and profitability on the routes operating between Australia and New Zealand.

the only A380 dedicated facility of its kind… (Image: Qantas)

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