Why check in at the airport when you can check in at….. Home?

Emirates Home Check-in
Date Posted: 28/04/2018

Emirates have introduced a new home check-in service, leading the way once again by being the only Gulf carrier to introduce such a service to is passengers. This service is available to all customers travelling on an Emirates flight, to most destinations around the world. Unfortunately, if you are travelling to the United States of America (expect when travelling via Milan or Athens) you are unable to use the Home Check-in service, you would therefore have to check in as usual at the airport.

The best part about Home Check-in is that you don’t even need to be travelling in Business Class or First Class to be eligible. This method of checking in is available for every passenger, no matter what class they have booked into, even with a basic economy ticket customers can still request this service. Home Check-in is only available if you are departing Dubai International Airport, travelling on an Emirates flight and that your pickup location is situated Dubai.

This new service allows passengers to complete the required security checks and check in for their departing flight right in the comfort of their own home. An Emirates check in agent will come to your preferred location, whether it is your Home, Hotel or Office. You can arrange for specific time as long as it is between 48 hours and 7 hours prior to your departure. The Emirates check-in agent will collect those bags that are being checked in, they will all be weighed and tagged. Those passengers who are travelling will also receive there boarding passes.

Customers will need to book for this service, if you are looking at booking please visit the Emirates website. Bookings need to made 12 hours prior to departure. Unfortunately, this service is not complementary and does cost AED 350 (approx. AUD $125) per trip. If you are travelling with a family you will only need to pay the one fee. There is a limit of seven articles of baggage that can be checked in, if you have additional bags that you would like to check in, you would need to pay an additional AED 35 (approx. AUD $13) per article in excess of the included seven items.

Emirates assures passengers that their baggage is kept safe at all times, and that each item that is checked in gets individually sealed and placed securely in their own individual compartment within the van. Your bags will then be taken straight to the airport prior to your flight. If you have access to the Emirates App on your mobile device, the application will notify customers when their bags have been checked in, processed and loaded onto the aircraft. Making sure that customers are kept up to date on where their luggage is at these times.

Trials of this service have been in operation since October 2017, ensuring that customers who book this Home Check-in service get a faultless world class experience.

Once you bags have been collected, passengers need to make their own way to the airport. Emirates offer a Chauffeur Drive service, but it is only complimentary to those passengers travelling in Business or First Class. As you arrive at the airport, make your way straight through to immigration, bypassing the check in area. This leaves passengers with more time to sit back in the lounge or freely wander around the terminal and do a bit of shopping before your departing flight.

This new service compliments the other luggage handling services which are available to Emirates passengers, such as booking your own personal concierge. If you have a short stopover in Dubai before making your onwards connection, luggage storage facilities are available at the airport and allow you to explore the city with ease. If you don’t want to have the struggle of getting your luggage from the terminal to your home, customers can arrange for a home delivery service.

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