Qantas launches special weekend fares to Broome.

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Dated Posted: 23/05/2018

Qantas has been working alongside the West Australian Government to launch special weekend fares to Broome, with a hope that it will boost the number of visitors to the region, in a heavily dominated commercial resource market.

Additional weekend fares have been added and are available for purchase from AUD $199 one way during the high season (17 August – 16 October 2018, and 21 June – 17 August 2019) and from AUD $179 one way during the low season (17 October 2018 – 20 June 2019). Qantas mentions that with these sale fares, passengers can save more than AUD $200 per return trip. Bookings can be made for these special weekend fares as long as your departure date is greater than 60 days at the time of booking.

Qantas is able to offer these special fares by using a larger operating aircraft on the route, replacing the 125 seat Boeing 717 with the 180 seat Airbus A320-200. By utilising the spare flying time on weekends along with the support of the West Australian Government Qantas is able to offer these special fares. The A320 that will operate this route are only used on weekdays for corporate customers in the Western Australian resource market. Without these additional Broome flights on the weekend the aircraft would otherwise be sitting on the ground each Saturday and Sunday.

Qantas Airbus A320 Seat Map (Image: Qantas)

The Airbus A320 is configured into an all economy cabin, improving the capacity by 55 seats, by increasing the capacity on this route it makes the flight more economic and will help meeting the increase in demand from leisure travellers.

During the high season, there will be up to 500 discounted seats available per week, along with 600 discounted seats during the low season.

The new A320 flights to Broome are scheduled as follows:

  • In the high season, from June to October, the new A320 flights will be added to the schedule on Fridays and Sundays. The morning Saturday service will be upgauged from the Boeing 717 to an A320, leading to an increase of 830 seats per week.
  • In the low season from October to June, flights will be upgauged from the Boeing 717 to the Airbus A320 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, leading to an increase of 330 seats per week.

The Perth to Broome schedule for the remainder of the week, for flights between Mondays and Thursday remain unchanged.

These special fares are now available to book, with flights commencing from the 17 August 2018.

Weekend fares at these discounted prices are only on offer as part of a 12 month trial, during these 12 months Qantas will review the uptake and the effectiveness. These special weekend fares do not affect the discounts of up to 30% off on offer to Broome residents for year round travel for return flights to Perth. Qantas mentions that it will still offer sale fares on this route, including weekday travel.

Andrew Parker, Group Executive of Government, Industry and International Affairs said “This is a new opportunity that makes good use of aircraft that would otherwise be on the ground over the weekend. It will help us deliver great value for travellers, stimulating tourism and driving new business opportunities for Broome and the Kimberley region.”

Cable Beach (Image: Broome Visitor Centre)

“We’ll be marketing the new flights to encourage people to take advantage of them and to see what a beautiful place Broome is to visit.” he added.

The new Airbus A320 services are operated by Network Aviation for Qantas Link. This flight will also see Qantas Frequent Flyer members earn 800 points and 15 status credits per flight.

Broome, Western Australia (Image: Broome Visitor Centre)

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