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Date Posted: 18/06/2018

The accommodation scene is one that is transforming at an alarming rate with the rise of online accommodation sharing site Airbnb. In a recent study conducted by the Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) they asked what their customer’s ideal accommodation preferences were in relation to booking a hotel.

The results that they found was that a majority of Australians prefer high end accommodation with over seven million people choosing a luxury resort or upmarket hotel as their preference for accommodation when on holiday. Over 48% of those people surveyed chose to stay in a luxury hotel to celebrate a special event, such as a birthday, honeymoon or anniversary… who said that chivalry was dead?

“It’s great to see that millions of Australian’s are choosing to treat themselves with their loved ones” said Leanne Harwood, IHG Managing Director for Australia and Japan.

Queensland trumped the survey and was the most popular travel destination, with 34% of voters voting it as the best place to holiday. New South Wales was next in line at 18% and Victoria was the last in the top three with only 17% of those surveyed voting it as a popular holiday destination.

As we all know facilities vary from hotel to hotel, with each of us having our own unique inclusions that we look for in accommodation. The IHG study uncovered that only 66% of those looking for accommodation considered the location as an important factor in choosing where to stay. More and more travellers are connected with their family and friends via a mobile device such as a tablet, laptop or mobile phone.

We all need a stable internet connection, one thing that I have found when travelling is that not all hotels offer a decent Wi-Fi connection to their guests. Many hotels choose to provide it as an inclusion within the room but it often comes with reduced speeds or a small data allowance, and as soon as you exceed the data limit you are left paying the high price associated with hotel Wi-Fi. 56% of people who were searching for a place to stay valued having Wi-Fi connectivity.

Other important aspects that Australians look for when booking accommodation include a particular hotel view from the room 56%, room service 49%, and a decent swimming pool 49%. Furthermore a high number of Australians around 65% say that the level of service received while there staying at a property is extremely important to them.

“Sometimes it’s the little pleasures that help us through the everyday grind, so it’s great to see so many of us are choosing to do this through experiencing luxury accommodation.” commented Ms. Harwood.

Another study conducted by Global Business Traveller Association, revealed that there is an increasing trend in ‘bi-leisure’. Bi-leisure is a travel trend that has taken off with the younger millennials, bi-leisure is defined as travelling to a destination for business purposes and while you are there making an effort to see some of the city their staying in. Whether it be stopping in at a city restaurant for dinner or checking out the local attractions.

Global Business Travel Association revealed that 37% of those surveyed took a bi-leisure trip within the last twelve months. 40% of the younger generation have admitted to combining business and leisure on the same trip, perhaps they are looking at ways to let their hair down in comparison to the older baby boomers that tend to stay in their hotel room, only 23% of those baby boomers served admitted to combining the two trips.

Out of all the people surveyed from each generation 30% of participants only combine business and leisure tips because they want to spend more time and explore a new destination

So next time you’re travelling for business, organize with your boss to have an extra few days away and return to work more refreshed than ever before. Of course, it’s only fair that you pay or contribute to these extra days away was it is your holiday/ leisure time not business time. There is no harm in asking and most businesses would be happy to come to an agreement that benefits yourself and then business.

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