REVIEW: Vibe Hotel, North Sydney

Hotel Review, Vibe Hotel North Sydney (Sydney, Australia)
Date Stayed: 22/06/2018 – 23/06/2018 (1 Night)

The Vibe Hotel North Sydney has only had its doors open to guests for just over three months, opening on the 3 April 2018. The hotel is a welcome addition to the North Sydney hotel scene after the previous Vibe Hotel closed its doors in early 2015. The Vibe Hotel North Sydney has been constructed as part of the Northpoint Tower redevelopment.

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Situated in the heart of the North Sydney CBD, on arrival I noticed straight away that it seemed to be a whole lot quieter than Sydney itself, it’s more of a relaxed version but still has a strong business feel to the area. The hotel is situated off the Pacific Highway, don’t worry it’s not a huge multi-lane elevated highway, it’s merely just a street, you wouldn’t even know it was a highway just by looking at it, so don’t let that put you off.

I arrived into Sydney Airport around mid-day and made my way to the hotel straight from the Qantas Domestic Terminal (T3). Getting to the hotel from the airport is quick, simple and easy. All I needed to do was catch the Airport Train from the Domestic Airport Station and get off at Central Station, approximately three stops. From Central Station I then transferred to the North Sydney line, from Platform 16. This train took me right into the heart of North Sydney, getting off at the aptly named North Sydney Station.

If you take the Greenwood Plaza Mall exit from the station, it will take you right to the corner of Miller Street and the Pacific Highway, follow the highway for 200m and you will see the entrance to the hotel. There was no trouble getting to and from the hotel via the train station with bags. There are several elevators at the train stations in Sydney, saving you having to try and drag your luggage up and down sets of stairs.

There is a small entrance to the hotel with two elevators, take the elevator to the ninth floor. The ninth floor is the main level of the hotel.

As soon as I walked out of the elevator and into the hotels lobby I was extremely impressed, not only did it have that new hotel smell it looked absolutely amazing! It didn’t feel like a Vibe Hotel at all, it felt like I had just walked into a high end luxury property. The attention to detail is excellent, it is extremely welcoming and inviting, giving off a luxurious feel. The lobby has various seating options with a series of separate seating areas.

Adjacent to the front desk, the hotel provides a Virtual Reality Experience. Guests can tour sydney with use ue of the VR Goggles proved to have a preview of the Sydney surrounds, while also finding attractions to see or things to do around Sydney.

Experience Sydney with VR

Prior to arriving at the hotel, reception sent through an email just to reconfirm any booking details or to answer any questions that I might have. It provided me with a direct line of contact to the hotel. I reconfirmed the bedding options and received a reply back within a day ensuring that my booking requests have been allocated. I found this to be and extremely helpful and saved me from worrying about it

Check in opened at 2pm, I arrived prior to the recommended check in time and my room was already available. The check in process was simple and straight forward, you will need one form of ID to check in, either a passport or drivers licence is fine. The lady at the desk was extremely helpful, however you could see that they were still getting used to their system with the process of checking in taking longer than expected. I wasn’t in a hurry and it didn’t bother me all.

I was assigned room 1404, on the 14th level. The elevators in the hotel are fast, especially by having three it reduces the wait time. I never had to wait for long the lift at any point during my stay. Room 1404, is situated away from the elevator on the quieter side of the hotel. As soon as you walk through the door into your room, the first thing you notice is that new hotel smell and of course those large floor to ceiling windows.

One of the best features I soon discovered after I walked into the room was as simple as having a door that stayed open on its own, without having to try and hold it open while pulling your bags through. It’s nice when you can walk straight into a hotel room without getting your bags caught up in the door. On the wall as soon as you walk in are a set of three hooks, making the perfect spot to hang your jacket.

Clever Hooks

I had booked a Deluxe Twin Room, with two separate king single beds, a work desk, a huge 49’ LCD TV and a small mini-bar with tea and coffee making facilities.

The large floor to ceiling windows draw your attention to the view outside, as well as flooding the room with natural light, making the aesthetics of the room feel welcoming, comfortable and fresh. The room I was assigned faced the Pacific Highway and looked out towards the large office buildings across the road.

To experience room 1404 in a full 360 degree view, or a Virtual Reality experience please click here.

There is a small lounge chair with a foot rest which is a welcome addition, it saves having to sit or lay on your bed all the time especially when sitting back to watch the huge 49’ LCD television.

The TV had access to various local television channels and the free in-room yoga channel which takes you through a quick yoga demonstration if you feel like getting fit and active in your room. Unfortunately there was no access to cable/pay television channels.

Natural timber is used throughout the hotel, starting from the lobby and working its way into your room with walnut timber cabinets adorning the room. Within this cabinet there is a spot to sit your bag, a clothes rail and hangers to hang your clothes, a small in-room safe, an iron and ironing board as well as an extra blanket for those cold wintery Sydney nights.

Within the cupboard there is a little nook built in where you will find an assortment of snacks and a fully stocked mini-bar, as with most hotels these items are not complementary and you will need to pay for those items that you consume. Tea and coffee is complimentary of course, with an in room Vittoria Espressotoria coffee pod machine. There was an impressive range of teas to also choose from.

The room has an extensive number of power points and USB ports to plug in any personal device to charge. They are in easy to access positions, there was always a power points nearby when I needed one, no matter where I was in the room.

Bedside Power Points and USB

Artwork is scattered throughout the room, highlighting Sydney landmarks, while also showing it from an historical point of view. In my room I had photos of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. These prints are stunning! I wouldn’t mind having one of them at home.

A separate bathroom is located just as you walk into the room. The floor to ceiling tiles make the room seem larger than it actually is, while giving it a sense of luxury, especially with the huge mirror on the wall. There is lots of storage space for all your toiletries and there is no need to try and balance anything on the edge of the sink.

Bathroom amenities are provided and offer guests hand and body lotion, body wash, shampoo and conditioner as well as a hairdryer.

Complimentary Amenities

When having a shower there is no need to step over the bath, you can simply just walk straight in. There’s a choice of the large overhead waterfall water nozzle or the smaller hand held nozzle. The water pressure was perfect and didn’t feel like you were having a high-pressure wash.

Setting the right temperature can be something that’s near to impossible in a hotel, but not here. I was able to adjust the water to the exact temperature that I wanted and it stayed the same temperature and pressure throughout my shower. One thing that I found extremely helpful in the shower was having the water mixer out of the way of the water nozzle, meaning you can turn on the water as soon as you get in and having it warming up while you’re getting ready to hop in, without getting any of your clothes wet in the process.

Shower Heads

One minor issue I had with the room itself was the door, when leaving your room the door slams shut behind you but it’s not enough to lock the door, so before you set off exploring Sydney its wise just to double check that the door has clicked and locked shut.

The bed was super comfortable for my night of accommodation, being a king single bed there is more than enough room without having our feet hanging out the end. The bed was still firm and had that new mattress feeling, something you would expect from a hotel that has just opened. The room was completely soundproof with no disruptions from other guests or from the traffic outside. I had an extremely pleasant night’s sleep, which is exactly what you want at a hotel.

Each room has its own individually controlled heating and cooling system that can be set at any temperature. The heater worked extremely well and the room was warm within an hour, during the night you didn’t even hear the unit going it was extremely quiet and worked so much better than other hotels that I have stayed in.

Heating and Cooling Unit

The hotel also has its own rooftop pool and gym which is open until 10.30pm each night, you will need your room card to get access to these areas. Tall building surround the pool, so there’s no doubt that during the day you would have some office workers watching at some point. Just use it to your advantage and show off that amazing body or make them jealous that you’re on holidays while there sitting in their office working.

The view from the pool deck is amazing looking down on the traffic below, with the pool being illuminated at night as well as being heated, even on a cold winter’s night the pool looks warm and inviting.

Rooftop Pool

The gym is also situated on the rooftop, offering various gym equipment including treadmills, rowing machines, gym balls, yoga mats and more. Filtered water and towels are also on offer to guests in the gym.

There were some teething problems with the hotel and the staff, which is understandable for a hotel that has only just opened. The room that I had, room 1404, the in-room phone didn’t work and was completely dead. At one point during my stay I needed to call down to reception to request some more items, but due to the phone not working and unable to call housekeeping. I had to walk down to reception in person and talk to them. At the time of check out I mentioned it to the manager on duty who assured me he was aware of the problem and it would be looked into straight away.

Another issue that I had was when it came to checking out of the hotel at 11am. I made my way down to the front desk to check out, only then was I told that I had complimentary breakfast included in my booking. There was no mention of this prior to checking out, by that time the breakfast offerings had all been packed up, missing out on something that was included in the booking. The manager on duty came out to apologize and acknowledged that I should have been notified when I checked in, but he also blamed the lack of notifying me on the disconnected phone in the room. I feel that they could have made the effort to inform me in other means, even if it meant coming up to the room in person or leaving a note under the door if I was out.

The hotel is built around the Northpoint Tower Precinct, featuring various food outlets and variety shops scattered over multiple levels. Breakfast for the hotel is served in the Northpoint Tower eating area at ‘Delish’ with tables to eat at in a large, modern open space.

Surprisingly, there was also no hotel directory in the room, making it hard to know exactly what the hotel offered. None of these issues impacted my stay and I still managed to have an extremely comfortable night of accommodation.

When it came to checking out, there were only two people on the front desk, there was a short wait time which didn’t bother me at all. The staff member who checked me out was extremely helpful and professional; engaging in conversation by asking how I enjoyed my stay and what my thoughts were on the new hotel. There was no trouble with leaving my bags at the hotel and collecting them later in the day.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the new Vibe Hotel North Sydney and I will definitely be back in the future. Rooms start at just $137 per night, but you are often able to get them on sale for only $104, which is an absolute steal. There’s no doubt that the Vibe Hotel brand has improved its image and doesn’t feel like a cheaper hotel alternative anymore. The Vibe Hotel North Sydney is a great addition to the North Sydney hotel scene, leaving guests with a positive experience and extremely great value for money. Make sure you check out the Vibe Hotel North Sydney when you’re next looking for accommodation options in Sydney.

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If you have any questions with regards to my experience at the Vibe Hotel North Sydney feel free to comment below.

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