Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon be joining you in your hotel room in China…. Welcome to the 21st Century!

Intercontinental Hotel Group
Date Posted: 10/07/2018

The Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) has announced a new calibration with Baidu to introduce the next generation of intelligent hospitality, bringing many hotels well into the 21st century. The hotel chain will be introducing new ‘Smart Rooms’ at their Intercontinental Beijing Sanlitun Hotel and Intercontinental Guangzhou Exhibition Centre Hotels will be some of the first to enjoy the Artificial Intelligent Smart Rooms. These rooms will be powered by artificial intelligence and are said to improve and redefine the customer experience in China. You will have to be lucky to be assigned one of these rooms as there will only be 100 Artificial Intelligent Powered Intercontinental Club Suites rolled out within the year.

Don’t worry, it won’t be like the episode of The Simpsons when their whole house is controlled by artificial intelligence and the house ends up trying to kill the family….. Well let’s hope not! After all why would you trust your whole house to a computer when the new NBN is so unreliable? Rest assured this new technology will make your hotel stay much more enjoyable, leaving you with something that you can tell everyone about when you return back home.

This new system has been fully customised for Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts, integrating Artificial Intelligent Technology with the existing hotel operations which are supported by hardware upgrades and a remote cloud service. Unlike the traditional guest rooms that we have become used to over the many years we have stayed at hotels when we have been travelling. The Artificial Intelligent Smart Room will fully embrace voice control technology to give more of a human-computer interactive experience. There is no mention of what this system will specifically help you with or be capable of, but one would assume it could be similar to the Google Home system. You will be able to control the in-room lighting, open and close the blinds, adjust the heating and cooling system, change the television channel and may even see guests being able to communicate with housekeeping and reception if you require any specific assistance all by using your voice. IHG mentions that guests “will be able to freely switch settings between work and leisure modes, enjoying a more convenient and seamless room service experience”. The system will also help fine-tune each of the hotels management systems, including customising guest information and resetting various devices, making hotel management and housekeeping a much simpler task.

“IHG has always been at the forefront of innovation. We are thrilled to be pioneering in the hospitality industry, and exploring the various possibilities of future experience with our guests. Millennials are particularly sensitive to technology, often seeking new things to try. The Artificial Intelligent Smart Room will undoubtedly be extremely attractive for them, paving the way for a new level of modernisation and consumer satisfaction.” said Lin Wong, Vice President of Marketing, IHG Greater China.

“We will continue to make use of cutting-edge technology in hotel service and facilities in the future, and we hope this will further strengthen customer awareness and appreciation of smart technology.” Ms Wong added.

Jing Kun, General Manager of Smart Living Group, Baidu, commented: “It is an honour to work with InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, a world renowned luxury hotel brand with over 70 years of history, and to jointly launch our solution for intelligent hospitality.”

The partnership between the two companies began in November 2017. Since then the application of Artificial Intelligence has gone beyond Smart Homes and automatic driving, marking a new milestone throughout the hospitality industry. In the future, IHG and Baidu will continue the exploration and innovation in intelligent hospitality solutions, creating smarter options and experiences for guests.

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