REVIEW: Hyatt Regency Sydney

Hotel Review, Hyatt Regency Sydney (Sydney, Australia)
Date Stayed: 23/06/2018 to 24/06/2018 (1 Night)

The Hyatt Regency Sydney is situated in Darling Harbour overlooking the Darling Harbour precinct, while also managing to remain on the fringe of the Sydney CBD. Darling Harbour is a family friendly area with the Sydney Aquarium, Powerhouse Museum, National Maritime Museum, Wildlife Sydney Zoo and Madame Tussauds situated a short walk from the hotel. There are many eateries and restaurants that line the promenade as well as a small shopping precinct, there is so much to see and do around Darling Harbour, way too much mention.

The Hyatt Regency recently underwent a makeover and redevelopment a few years ago, which saw the hotel change from the Four Points by Sheraton Darling Harbour to the Hyatt Regency. It was more than just a name change with a new eye-catching glass tower built, seeing the number of rooms increase by 200, to a total of 892 rooms, making it one of Sydney’s biggest hotels. The hotel is a haven for both business travellers and leisure travellers.

I made my way to Darling Harbour from North Sydney after previously staying at another hotel, getting to Darling Harbour was easy and straightforward. I got on the train from North Sydney Station, traveling a few stops to Town Hall Station.

If you are arriving into Sydney from the airport you would need to catch the Airport Train and travel to Central Station, from Central you then transfer onto any of the various trains travelling via Town Hall Station. Once you have arrived at Town Hall Station make your way back up to street level. All of Sydney’s stations have elevators which will help you out immensely if you are travelling with luggage. There are various exits out of Town Hall Station, but if you familiarise yourself with the Queen Victoria Building you will be heading in the right direction.

Walking north down George Street you will end up on Market Street, once you get to Market Street head west and  follow it downhill for around 300 meters until you reach Sussex Street. From Sussex Street head north and around 200 meters down the street you will come across the hotels entrance.

Getting there

If you are travelling with bulky items or various bags it would be far more convenient if you catch a taxi from the Airport, taking you directly to the hotel. If you are unfamiliar with Sydney Trains a taxi would also be a better option.

As soon as you walk through the large glass doors into the hotel’s lobby area you will see the check-in desks on your right hand side. The was a slight wait at the check in desks to be served as all the hotel employees were busy serving, a few more staff wandered around from behind the check in area which called me up to the desk. The check in process was simple and straight forward, with the lady at the desk quickly processing my reservation. When you check in you will need one form of ID, either a passport or driver’s licence is fine.

There was nothing much in terms of a conversation during the check in process, it was more so the usual check in process and then handed over my room keys and wished me an enjoyable stay. I would have assumed being familiar with many hotels in Sydney that this hotel competes with, I was left feeling like a more personal approach would have made for a better first impression, none the less I was off to find my room. There was also no mention by the check in assistant what my room included or even if the hotel offered wifi there was no mention of this at all, luckily I had a hotel directory in the room as that gave me some info, but still have no idea if the hotel offers wifi.

Tucked behind the check in area there is an incredible number of lifts to take you up to your level, there was no wait time for the elevator. I was on the sixth floor in room 692. As the elevator doors open up on my level you are still in the old part of the hotel, the former Four Points building. This section of the hotel feels extremely old an outdated, with terrible carpet, the walk from the lift to my room, situated in the new tower was a marathon in its self, taking just under two minutes of walking to reach my room. During the walk to your room you can see where the new tower was built into the existing building by the change in carpets and a complexly different appearance. I would have thought the designers would have made the styling the same throughout both buildings and not left one side feeling extremely old and one side being fresh and modern.

For this night of accommodation I booked a King Deluxe Harbour View Room, with a king bed, work desk, flat screen television, fully stocked mini bar with tea and coffee making facilities.

Room Overview

As soon as I opened the door my eyes were instantly drawn towards the work desk along with the view behind. My first impressions when walking into the room was Ouch! after knocking my shoulder on the cupboard, if you have a backpack on just be cautious of the cupboard when you walk in.

One of the best assets to this room was no doubt the view with large floor to ceiling windows. Unfortunately for my room the windows were extremely dirty with dust and water residue, I have never stayed in a hotel with such dirty windows before. I was more so disappointed because I booked this room and paid the extra to have a view, there was an extremely beautiful view looking out over Darling Harbour but just had to look through all the dirt on the window.

To experience room 692 in a full 360 degree view, or a Virtual Reality experience please click >View 1 or >View 2

When it came to finding a place to put my bag there was little to no choice at all as there was no shelf to use and no luggage stand to use. I had to resort to leaving my bag on the floor, and trying not to fall over it during the night.

The king bed is extremely comfortable and offered a perfect night sleep, the blankets had that freshly washed hotel feel to them.

Two side tables are located on each side of the bed offering two powerpoints, an individual lamp and reading light. On one of the bed side tables there was a small, easy to use Bluetooth clock radio which also functioned as a speaker for your mobile phone.

The headboard is comfortable to rest against when watching television and the wallpaper feature wall behind the bed is beautiful. I’m not a huge fan of wallpaper, but this one was nice and complimented the room perfectly.


There is a small single lounge chair which is handy if you don’t want to sit or lay on your bed to watch television. You can also spin the chair round and face it towards the windows to sit back and enjoy the view.

Individual Chair

The large television has an extremely impressive array of channels to choose from including local Sydney television channels as well as access to cable/pay TV channels, there is always something to watch that’s for sure.

Huge Television

Within your room there is an adequately sized work desk with a super comfortable chair and footrest. Powerpoints are situated next to the desk on the wall. Perfect if you need to plug in a laptop or tablet and still get some work done.

Above the desk suspended from the roof is a hanging light that can be tuned on or off with the retro style switch on the wall.

Within your room there is a large wardrobe hidden behind the dark glass cabinets as you walk in. Within the wardrobe there is a full sized clothes rail with hangers provided. There is also a small draw in the wardrobe that doubles up as the in room safe. Also, located on the top of the draw is an iron and alongside is an ironing board. There was also a lonely pair of slippers but no dressing gown, despite the room being suitable for two guests there was only one pair of slippers left.

The room obviously sees a lot of use, with the bottom of the frosted glass doors all marked on the inside where the cupboards have rubbed on them.

The room obviously sees a lot of use, with the bottom of the frosted glass doors all marked on the inside where the cupboards have rubbed on them.

At the front of the cupboard section facing towards the windows is a second frosted glass door, which reveals a small minibar and a small kitchen nook.

Kitchen Nook

There is no coffee/espresso machine in your room which is extremely surprising, compared to most other hotels having this included in each room. Instead of capsule coffee pods you are left with sachets of instant coffee and a basic selection of teas. The kettle had an extremely cheap feel to it, and was extremely noisy when it was boiling. As with most hotels, the in-room snacks and the fully stocked minibar are not complimentary and you will need to pay for those items that you consume during your stay. Tea and Coffee is complimentary along with the two bottles of Mount Franklin water sitting on the shelf.

The fridge was full and made it difficult to fit anything in the fridge, I had to end up taking most of the stuff out just to fit two small bottles of water in.

A separate bathroom is situated just as you walk into the room. The marble bench top is extremely stunning and an eye catching feature, it makes the bathroom feel luxurious and high end.

There is a huge mirror on the wall accented by LED strip lighting behind the mirror adding a sense of depth and space. Bench space is rather limited with the use of a round sink and the small amenity box, but there is more than enough space to spread out your toiletries and rest a hair dryer or straightener.

Bathroom amenities are provided complimentary and offer guests body wash, moisturiser, shampoo and conditioner. A hairdryer is provided, but you will find this in the wardrobe as there are no cupboards in the bathroom.

On the bathroom bench there is a small plastic container, this includes some basic amenities accessories but not a huge selection, I thought there could have been more offerings in terms of toiletries in the bathroom.

Complimentary Amenities

There is no bath in the room so when you go to have a shower you can simply just walk in. There is no need to step over the bath to have shower. In the shower you only have the choice of the one shower nozzle that you can only adjust the angle of. I had no trouble in perfecting the water pressure but getting the right temperature was a challenge, I never managed to get it perfectly adjusted.

One downside to this room was the lack of soundproofing, while lying in bed I could hear other guests in the room next to me phones ringing throughout the night, also overhearing parts of their conversation. From my room on the sixth floor you could also hear the traffic passing by outside which woke me up during the early hours of the morning. The air conditioner and heating unit was extremely noisy and the cover was rattling throughout the night making it impossible to get to sleep with the repetitive rattling, leaving me with no option but having to turn it off overnight.

Every room has their own individually controlled heating a cooling system that can be set to various temperatures. When I first walked into the room the temperature was set to 24oC which was extremely hot, especially for a room that had the sun coming in through the window. I had to put the air conditioner on straight away with the room taking forever to cool down, even with the fan speed on high it took a few hours to make the room comfortable.

The room had a hotel directory, situated on the small shelf that ran alongside the wall. It’s great to have a hotel directory as it tells you exactly what the hotel offers and what’s nearby in the local area.

Hotel Directory

The hotel has multiple restaurants to dine at within the hotel, located on various levels. There’s even a rooftop bar! A detailed description of each restaurant is listed below.

Sailmaker Restaurant
This restaurants food menu is inspired by the rich heritage that is associated with Sussex Street. Abundant seafood dishes are on offer all accompanied with local flavours. Offering a simple, yet redefined menu that celebrates some of Australia’s best produce. The restaurant opens from 6am each morning offering a breakfast menu, along with a lunch menu and dinner menu, the restaurant closes at 10pm every night.

Lobby Lounge
Situated directly in front of you as you walk into the hotel, the Lobby Lounge is the perfect spot to relax with a coffee, glass of wine or a cheeky cocktail at any time of the day. This restaurant offers various tapas inspired menu options in the evening, along with light breakfast options each morning.

Zephyr Sky Bar (Rooftop Bar)
There is no doubt that this is the pinnacle element to staying at the Hyatt Regency, with breathtaking views overlooking the Darling Harbour and Sydney CBD. This rooftop bar is simply amazing! The Sky Bar is the perfect spot to sit back and watch the sunset with a beer, wine, champagne or cocktail as well as small food items. Located on level 12 of the hotel The Zephyr Sky Bar is open 6 days a week, opening from 4pm to late on Tuesday through to Thursday, 4pm to late on Friday to Saturday and 11:30am to late on Sundays.

Dundee Arms
This is one of Sydney’s oldest surviving pubs it was the usual gathering spot for sailors and many Sydney-siders, first opening in 1860. Now it’s a prominent part of the Darling Harbour scene. The bar and restaurant offers light meals along with a beer and spirits menu.

For those guests who have booked a room with Regency Club Access you will see the aptly named Regency Club located on the 11th floor of the hotel. Daily morning continental breakfast is offered, all day refreshments and evening canapés are offered in the club.

When it came to checking out, I made my way back down to the lobby, all the desks were occupied by a staff member and I was able to walk straight up to the counter. The gentleman that served me was extremely nice, helpful and extremely polite, He would have to have been the nicest staff member that I encountered throughout my stay at the Hyatt Regency.

There was no trouble in leaving my bags at the hotel after I had checked out while I went and explored Sydney. I left my bags with the bellman on the left side of the hotels entrance as you walk out. When I left my bags I noticed that there were bags everywhere behind the desk and looked very unorganised at the time. I made my way back to the hotel later in the day to collect my bags with no hassle at all.

Hyatt Regency Sydney

My overall impressions of the Hyatt Regency is mixed, there is no doubt room for improvement for the hotel with housekeeping needing to fine tune their cleaning. Water was left over the bathroom bench when I arrived along with the plumbing access door underneath the sink was left open. The bin didn’t even work in the bathroom and the foot pedal to open the lid was damaged.

The room wasn’t fully stocked up with housekeeping having to come up to replace a packet of nuts and a glass that weren’t stocked during the housekeeping. The room temperature was set far too high especially for a room that has the sun shining in, 24oC degrees is way too uncomfortable. The hotel is priced in the same group of hotels such as the Intercontinental, Novotel, Westin and I feel that I didn’t get the same the same lever of accommodation as I would have at other hotels.

After having a terrible experience at the Hyatt Regency Los Angeles, a few years back I thought I would give the Hyatt Regency brand of hotels another go, but unfortunately I’m left feeling the same way about the brand as I did prior.

Darling Harbour Precinct

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