This should make losing your bags a thing of the past when you next travel, if not blame Wasla!

Emirates Baggage News
Date Posted: 21/07/2018

Don’t you hate it when you’re standing at baggage claim waiting for your bag to come out on the carousel, as more and more bags come out the less and less people there are waiting on their bags, and then all the bags and passengers are gone and the carousel stops… the worst feeling ever! Now you have to go to baggage services and cross your fingers that your bag is close by. Thankfully, due to the new IATA Compliance Certification it should make the above scenario a thing of the past and no bags should ever go missing….. Well in theory at least.

Emirates are the first airline to receive the new IATA 753 Compliance certification for all its baggage operations at its Middle Eastern hub, Dubai. This new certification ensures that the carrier has the necessary capabilities to diligently track each passenger’s bags throughout their journey through the airport, including all bags which are arriving and departing the airport and also those bags which are also passing through and connecting onto another flight.

The Bagge Journey (Image: IATA)

This is an industry wide baggage tracking system that will require all airlines including Emirates to track every bag they handle at four specific points in the baggage journey. Requiring airlines to track the bag at the time when it is handed over at check in from the passenger, loading onto the aircraft, transferring the bag (re tracked once reloaded) if applicable and once again when it has been unloaded off the trolley and onto the baggage carousel. Airlines can choose to track bags as many times as they choose too, but it all depends on the systems and procedures that are used. This baggage tracking information is also required to be passed onto the next airport in the journey.

To achieve this certification Emirates has specifically developed and integrated an in-house Baggage Management System, nicknamed Walsa to provide full control of its worldwide baggage operations. Walsa simply receives the information that is scanned by Emirates employees from around the world and provides Emirates’ airport teams with information on the status of each bag on board, facilitating a proactive customer approach to managing baggage challenges. Emirates processed over 35 million bags last year, reassuring their customers that speed and efficiency is of the essence, with the airline working closely with its stakeholders to ensure processes and systems are integrated with the Baggage Handling System that is provided by Dubai Airport.

Baggage Systems (Image: Arabian Business)

Emirates work closely with the various operators that customers baggage goes through when travelling through Dubai. Emirates are the airline in charge of the bags, which then passes it over to dnata (an emirates subsidiary) who are contracted for ground handling, and Dubai Airport who is the provider of the Baggage Handling System.

“We continue to focus on consistently delivering superior services on the ground, and in the air. As part of this endeavour, I am delighted that our baggage management and tracking systems are aligned with IATA’s requirements and that we are certified for end-to-end tracking at our hub (Dubai International Airport).

The ability to track our customers’ baggage at any stage, means we can proactively notify them at key touch points during their journey, and enable our frontline staff to provide even better service. We have already introduced applications and processes that provide our customers with information regarding their delivery of bags using automation, making best use of available technology.” Said Adel Al Redha, Emirates’ Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

Baggage Systems (Image: Arabian Aerospace)

The new IATA Resolution 753 was developed to minimise the mishandling of baggage, baggage fraud, increasing customer satisfaction and to improve the overall baggage management and operations at airports around the world. In 2014 this new baggage resolution was announced allowing airlines to gradually integrate the required systems and procedures over the four years until it came into effect on the 1 June 2018. Emirates announced in a media release that it had received their compliance certification well in advance of the deadline.

“Having Emirates – one of the region’s largest operators – achieve Resolution 753 certification is a significant boost not only for the airline’s customers but also the region. We congratulate them on their achievement and for taking the industry one step closer to 100% bag tracking,” said Muhammad Al Bakri, IATA Regional Vice President, Africa and The Middle East.

So, next time your flying with Emirates your bags will be tracked by Walsa, so if anything goes wrong and they end up misplacing your bag you know who to blame…

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