Qantas Boeing 767 fans rejoice, with Qantas announcing flights from Darwin to Hong Kong, but there is one catch…

Qantas Freight
Date Posted: 02/08/2018

Qantas have announced a new direct seasonal flight between Darwin and Hong Kong, utilising the airlines Boeing 767 aircraft, but there is only one catch… It’s not for passengers. The whole flight is reserved for a brand new freight service between these two destinations, proudly supporting Northern Australian producers, while also helping to respond to the increase in demand from Asia.

Qantas Freight is a subsidiary company of Qantas Airways who is responsible for all the cargo operations within the Qantas Group. These freight flights are set to commence in late August. The new weekly Boeing 767-300F service can be seen departing Darwin on Sunday night, and arriving into Hong Kong at 23000 hours, after the six hour journey.

This new service between Darwin and Hong Kong is the only direct cargo link between the two countries, having the ability to carry up to 50 tonnes of Australia’s finest fresh produce, such as chilled meat, seafood, dairy, fruit and vegetables, as well as other general cargo items. The opportunities that this route will open up for Darwin producers is unimaginable, now having the ability to get their products and produce into Asia faster and fresher than ever before. Potentially extending the shelf life and profitability of their exported products.

Currently the only option that Northern Territory producers have when it comes to exporting their produce is having loading it into a truck, spending up to five days in transit, until it reaches freight ports on the east coast. This reduces the shelf life of the product and the freshness when it finally arrives at its destination.

“Our direct service is a great alternative for freight customers in and around Darwin. It also shows Qantas’ commitment to providing vital connectivity to Northern Australia” Said Qantas Freight Chief Operating Officer, Nick Glynn.

“We’d like to acknowledge the support of Darwin Airport in launching this new freight service, in collaboration with the Northern Territory Government” Mr. Glynne added.

Qantas Cargo moves over 4,000 shipments daily, across 500 destinations within Australia and around the world. Whether it be transporting packages, pets and animals, perishables (fruit, flowers and vegetables), pharmaceutical artwork, livestock and custom goods such as racing cars and stage sets. Qantas Freight is the only Australian airline to operate the Boeing 767 aircraft, after its parent company Qantas Airways retired their passenger fleet of Boeing 767’s at the end of 2014.

The Qantas Group is a long term investor in the Northern Territory, stimulating tourism and providing vital connectivity in the region. In the 2017 financial year, the Qantas Group contributed more than AUD$150 million into the Northern Territory economy, including employing 400 people locally as well as tourists spending with local businesses.

Qantas currently carries freight to over 20 destinations in Asia, including locations in China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. Qantas Freight is proud to expand their services to support the needs of those local producers in Northern Territory and showcase their fresh produce in Hong Kong

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