Virgin Australia partners with the Australian Red Cross for drought relief.

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Date Posted: 3/9/2018

When major events happen in Australia everyone comes together to help out and this is where we see our national airline carriers lend a helping hand to those in need. Virgin Australia has announced that it will be partnering with the Australian Red Cross to help out those struggling farmers and communities in which have been affected by the severe drought and to help and assist getting them back on their feet.

This new partnership began back in mid-August with the Australian airline carrier accepting donations on board all its flights via the Red Cross Appeal “Help Aussie Farmers” on both international and domestic flights. Donations can also be made in any of the airlines lounges, with Virgin Australia encouraging the 10,000 strong work force to donate to this worthy cause which is extremely close to home for many Australians

Virgin Australia 737-800

“The Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Appeal “Help Aussie Farmers” is a great way to support farming families dealing with the impact of this severe drought. Funds raised through the appeal will be distributed to drought-affected communities across Australia through partners working in these communities.” Said John Borghetti, Virgin Australia Group CEO.

Virgin Australia is an airline which services a lot of flights directly into these drought affected communities which are currently impacted by the drought, with Virgin Australia’s crew and passengers on board seeing first hand just how hard many families, communities and towns are affected. It’s great to see an Australian Airline harnessing the community spirit and bringing people and the country together during this tough time.

“We know our team and many of our passengers feel very strongly about helping in times of need, and the funds collected on our flights and in our lounges and offices, will be donated to the appeal to support farming communities.” Mr Borghetti said.

The Australian Red Cross is extremely grateful than an Australian Airline such as Virgin Australia are proudly supporting the Red Cross Appeal. “It has been wonderful to see so many Australians and businesses such as Virgin Australia dig in and help farmers and their families impacted by severe drought.” Said Judy Slatyer Australian Red Cross CEO.

“Farmers and their families are resilient people though they have a hard road ahead coping with one of the worst droughts in the last century. We can all pitch in, even if it’s just a few dollars.” She commented.

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