Some cute little fluffy creatures will now be joining you on your flight.

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Date Posted: 05/09/2018

Emirates has introduced some cute little additions to the Emirates Fly with Me collection, the new range of toys will be available in four different characters, as voted on by customers and fans in a social media competition held last year. These will accompany the seventeen other characters that the airline has introduced throughout the last three years.

The new characters… although some look familiar
(Image: Emirates)

So, let me introduce these little critters, the top four characters chosen are, Lewis the Lion, Peek U the Panda, Ernie the Penguin and Savannah the Elephant. These new additions will be available on board all Emirates operated flights across all travel classes from this month.

This is all part of Emirates’ on board family experience on all flights, no matter if it is a short haul or long haul flight parents can be relieved that Emirates will keep your children occupied throughout the flight.

Vibrating plush toy, short haul, infants up to 2 years (Image: Emirates)

If you are travelling on a short flight the new product range includes a vibrating plush toy for infants up to two years old, this cuddly companion can be re-used after the flight and attached to a stroller for when both baby and parents are off exploring.

Fly with Me Lonely Planet Kids bag (Image: Emirates)

The airline has also introduced a new range specifically for children aged 3-6 years old, these children will receive a travel case sketcher including puzzles, games and stickers to keep them busy on the short flight.

If a long haul journey is more your travel style, Emirates still has you covered. Infants will be given a choice of dual purpose plush toy accompanied by a printed activity blanket, while older kids aged 3+ years will receive a plush backpack filled with activities.

Plush filled backpack, Long Haul, Ages 3+ (Image: Emirates)

Emirates will always continue to offer its much loved Fly with Me Lonely Planet Kids activity bags. They will feature a brand new design and colour scheme, inspiring older children to explore more of the world. Kids will receive a retro travel themed bag filled with educational travel books and other various activities exclusively designed for the airline. The kid’s bag includes amazing world facts, creative crafts, collectable destination socks and more. The Fly with Me Lonely Planet Kinds range is offered to children aged between 7 and 12 years old.

For children on board aged from 3 to 8 years old, they have access to the Fly with Me magazine which is also available on board featuring puzzles, jokes and activities.

Fly with Me Lonely Planet Kids bag (Image: Emirates)

It’s not just children Emirates look after on the flight, they also offer some special items to those parents travelling with infants to help them out during the flight. Parents travelling with infants will receive a special amenity kit uniquely designed to suit for a baby or infant. The pouch features the airlines Little Traveller characters and contains essential items such as a bib, spoon, baby wipes, changing mat, diaper rash cream and a small diaper bag, making for a more comfortable journey.

Emirates’ own award winning inflight entertainment system, ice, offers passengers on board up to 3,500 channels of entertainment, with more than 100 kid’s channels on offer in 40 different languages. This will be sure to keep the whole family entertained throughout the flight.

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If your hands are full or you just dread the thought of passing through check in with your bags, young children or perhaps you just have a large amount of bags, you can utilise Emirates’ home check in service. The home check in service allows customers to complete the check in process anywhere throughout Dubai, whether it is in the comforts of your home, hotel or office. This way all your luggage is transported to the airport four you and you would just hne to make your own what to Dubai International Airport.

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On the ground, the airline offers dedicated family check in desks and complimentary baby strollers at Dubai International Airport, as well as priority boarding at most airports. For passengers who get access to Emirates operated lounges in Dubai, kids will be able to enjoy the dedicated play areas, with arcade quality games and Sony PlayStation consoles of offer for those slightly older children to play on.

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