Cathay Pacific’s combined traffic figures for August 2018.

Cathay Pacific Group
Date Posted: 10/10/2018

The Cathay Pacific Group consists of both Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon, the two airlines have released their combined traffic figures for August 2018, showing an overall increase in the number of passengers transported across their network. As each month goes by, the mail and cargo loads continue to grow when compared to the previous month.

Both airlines transported over 3.2 million passengers (3,278,481) throughout August, that’s an extra 125,508 passenger compared with last month’s figures, when comparing those figures with August 2017 there was an increase 6.4%. The aircraft load factor also increased but only by a mere 0.8 points resulting in an overall load factor of 87.1%.The previous months load factor was 86.7%, so the loads are improving.

In the first eight months of this year the number of passengers carried by the two airline carriers rose by 2.4%, transporting a total of 23,916,158 passengers since the start of the year (average of 98,420 passengers per day). Throughout August 7,136 flights were operated, an increase of 2.5% when compared to the same time last year.

Airlines Combined Capacity Graph

So far this year both airlines have operated 54,639 flights throughout the first eight months of 2019. These flights have all operated to various destinations across each airlines ever increasing network.

Once again for the fourth consecutive month Europe continues to have the strongest performing region in terms of passenger traffic across the group’s network, this month traffic increased by 15.4% when compared to the same time last year. In the previous month, July, traffic throughout North America by 1.3%, but for this month traffic to and from the region saw the load factor decrease by 0.7%.

Airlines Combined Traffic Graph

Traffic throughout Mainland China, North East Asia and Southeast Asia rose significantly with North East Asia performing the best out of the three regions. The cumulative RPK for August rose by 3% to a total of 8,759,634. Revenue Passenger Kilometres refers to the number of kilometres travelled by paying passengers.

The Cathay Pacific Group transported over 187,644 tonnes of cargo and mail, that’s an increase of 8.9% when compared to the same month last year! Since the start of 2018 the airline group has transported over 1,410,830 tonnes in cargo and mail across its entire network, an increase of 7.1% for the first part of this year.

“Traffic volume in August outgrew capacity increases, with the recent strong demand for our premium cabins continuing
throughout the month. We also witnessed yield growth in the backend thanks in part to a better traffic mix.” Said Ronald Lam, Cathay Pacific Director Commercial and Cargo.

“Our cargo business also continued its good momentum in August. Tonnage grew ahead of capacity which was driven by strong transhipment volumes across our network. We saw good growth among the pharmaceutical and perishable segments.” Mr. Lam added.

“However, the favourable currency trend that we have enjoyed so far this year is reversing rapidly. Besides, our performance in September is set to be negatively impacted by the significant typhoons that disrupted our operations in both Japan and Hong Kong, especially our cargo business which is in its seasonal peak. We are also closely monitoring external factors that have the potential to impact global trade.”

Airlines Combined Traffic Table
Airlines Combined Capacity Table

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