Emirates are once again spreading the Christmas joy on board selected flights this festive season!

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Date Posted: 24/12/2018

Even if you’re travelling over the festive season you won’t miss out on any of the festivities back on the ground. Once again for the third consecutive year Emirates are bringing the Christmas cheer to the skies throughout December with special menu items and classic Christmas movies added to Emirates’ award winning ‘ice’ inflight entertainment system.

The good news for passengers is that it doesn’t matter which class you’re travelling in on board or on the ground you can enjoy all of the Christmas goodies, after all no one should miss out at Christmas.

New menus have been added on board selected flights, just be warned it will make you hungry reading what’s on offer. Who would have thought that meals on board an aircraft can sound so appealing and delicious. The improved Christmas menu is available throughout December with various Christmas inspired dished available.

For passengers departing the airlines hub Dubai and traveling on selected routes to Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe, United States and South Africa they can all get to enjoy Christmas at 42,000 feet.

For passengers travelling in the Economy Class cabin they can enjoy a delicious turkey roll with mashed potato, pan friend Vienna chicken sausage, green peas, baby carrots and cranberry jus lié. Of course you can have a Christmas meal without dessert, Emirates offer passengers in Economy chocolate mousse, cranberry compote topped off with a reindeer chocolate button.

Economy Class Christmas Meal (Image: Emirates)

If you’re lucky enough to be travelling at the front of the plane in First and Business Class this festive season you will get to enjoy some scrumptious meals including roast turkey breast, apricot stuffing, roast potatoes with creamy Brussel sprouts, turkey bacon and cranberry jus lié. Dessert gets even better with chocolate stars and a gingerbread men or a chocolate mint dome decorated with snow fondant and festive leaf with crème analgise.

Decadent hot chocolates are also on offer in the First class cabin, there even topped off with a fluffy marshmallow and a ginger bread man.

Christmas Hot Chocolate, Marshmallow Cookies and More… (Image: Emirates)

All of these meals are prepared by the award winning Emirates catering team.

Passengers relaxing during the flight at the iconic on board bar and lounge on the airlines A380 superjumbos they can enjoy special Christmas mince pies along with a limited edition Santa’s Spiced Amarula Cocktail.

First and Business Class On Board Bar Offerings (Image: Emirates)

There is no way you would get of this flight with an empty stomach, even if you’re making the long journey over to Australia or New Zealand. I’m sure the award winning cabin crew on board will look after you as they usually do, especially with all this festive food on offer.

Throughout your Christmas journey passengers can take advantage of the huge beverage selection on board to complement their Christmas meals on board, sit back and relax with some of the finest wines and champagnes ever serviced in the skies.

To read more about the upgraded offerings to the beverage selection, please click here.

Who could forget the little ones flying on board, Emirates sure hasn’t with some special meals just for them on board. Young flyers will be surprised with chocolate lolly pops featuring a reindeer as a treat accompanying all lunch and dinner services.

Economy Class Children’s Meal (Image: Emirates)

As a special touch Emirates are offering a limited edition ‘Fly with Me’ animal toy, with Bell the robin available on board throughout December to keep the young ones comfortable on board.

Bell the Robin, “Fly with Me” Collection (Image: Emirates)

Limited edition Polaroid photo card sleeves are also on board to kids and adults.

Polaroid Photo Card Sleeves (Image: Emirates)

To keep the youngsters in their seats during the flight new Christmas additions have been added to the inflight entertainment system with popular Christmas episodes such as Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas and The Snowman all now available on the ‘ice’ entertainment system.

 To get into the Christmas spirit you need Christmas movie to watch, right? Once again, Emirates has you covered with popular Christmas classics such as Love Actually, Home Alone, Elf, The Polar Express, The Holiday and It’s A Wonderful Life all being added to the inflight entertainment system.

Christmas Movie Selection

If Christmas movies aren’t your thing, you can still enjoy many other movies on board amongst the now 1,000 movie titles. There is now over 3,500 channels of entrainment all adding up to over 2,000 hours of on demand inflight entertainment on board, right in front of you at your fingertips. Emirates will also be the first airline to screen the 1982 classic film E.T in December, a month before many other airline carriers.

Emirates mentions that this festive season the airline aims to create a “better than home experience” this Christmas, with some of the latest and best movies, great television and extensive music selection on offer to all customers, no matter what class you’re travelling in.

Celebrate the Festive Season (Video: Emirates, via Youtube)

As Christmas gets closer and closer, please just remember that airports are currently expecting a huge amount of traffic during this festive season, just remember to stay calm, plan your journey and allow for some extra time in case you encounter any delays.

Customers flying on Emirates operated flights that are departing Dubai International Airport, you have the ability to utilise Emirates’ Check in at home service, more information can be found here.

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