What was British Airways most watched film in 2018… The answer might surprise you!

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Date Posted: 02/01/2018

When travelling over long distances and in many cases from one side of the world to the other it presents itself as the most opportunistic time to catch up on some sleep. Especially for those long journeys, you can’t just sit in your seat staring at the inflight entertainment screen in front of you. For many travellers they’ll take any opportunity they can to catch up on all the latest blockbuster movies and television shows to pass the time on the journey.

World Traveller Plus cabin on a British Airways Boeing 777
(Image: Nick Morrish/British Airways)

A nice, peaceful, relaxing movie sounds perfect, doesn’t  it?
That wasn’t the case this year. Passengers on board British Airways flights enjoyed watching the heat racing – thriller Red Sparrow. It has just been revealed by the airline that it has topped the list for the most watched movie on board for 2018. The movie in second place this year was the musical film The Greatest Showman followed by Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Top Three Movies On Board British Airways in 2018

A huge amount of passengers must have viewed the movie Red Sparrow as it was only on board aircraft from June to October this year. Red Sparrow features Jennifer Lawrence as Ballerina Dominika Egorova who is recruited to an intelligence service, where she becomes mired in a number of heart stopping situations.

Funny enough in comparison, passengers on board relied on music to set them to sleep or relax during the flight. Beethoven’s Symphonies (Numbers 1-9) topped the audio chart for the most listened to audio content on board.

Top Two Watched Television Programs for 2018

For television content, passengers chose to watch a television program which is much more suited to the ground than flying in the air at 40,000 feet and traveling at more than 800km/h. David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2: One Ocean was the most watched program.

Popular children’s show Peppa Pig took top spot amongst all the other children’s programs on board, reiterating the fact that Peppa is an extremely popular pig.

Being one of the United Kingdom’s biggest airline carriers in terms of fleet size, as well as being the national flag carrier it wouldn’t be very British without having the royals on board. On flights this year Prince Harry and Meghan have been accompanying us on many journeys with the much watched documentary Prince Harry and Meghan: Truly Madly Deeply popping up in third place as the most watched documentary on board. It’s extremely fitting that that this program made the top three, as Britain’s are very much obsessed with the royals.

“A thriller and a selection of classical music topping the most popular content chart shows the importance of having a wide ranging selection on flights”

Carolina Martinoli, British Airways Director of Brand and Customer Experience.

Currently British Airways are in the process of a £6.5 billion investment to improve, upgrade and modernise the customer experience both on board their aircraft and also on the ground.

World Traveller cabin on a British Airways Boeing 777
(Image: Nick Morrish/British Airways)

New cabins have been fitted to their Boeing 777’s operating out of Gatwick which include a new Panasonic inflight entertainment system with much larger screens than the previous cabin fit out. In some instances the screen has doubled in size. In the World Traveller Plus cabin the screen size has increased from 6 inches to 12 and passengers sitting in the World Traveller cabin will notice a 10 inch screen compared to the 6 inch screens previously fitted on board.

“We know it’s a critical part of the flight experience for many customers, enabling them to loose themselves in another world. They also tell us it’s one of the few occasions they may have to binge watch so much content in one sitting so we strive to make sure there’s plenty of choice for everyone.”

Carolina Martinoli, British Airways Director of Brand and Customer Experience.

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