REVIEW: Travelodge Hotel Sydney

Hotel Review, Travelodge Hotel Sydney
Date Posted: 20/01/2019 – 21/01/2019 (1 Night)

The Travelodge Hotel in Sydney provides guests with an affordable accommodation solution when looking for somewhere to stay in the heart of Sydney’s busy CBD, especially since it’s conveniently located a short distance from both Hyde Park Station and Central Station. The Travelodge brand is one that most travellers are familiar with, they have properties located throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Location Map
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By being centrally located within the city there are a multitude of attractions to visit, all within walking distance from the hotel. If you are planning on travelling around Sydney by public transport there are various stations and bus stops nearby including Central Station, St. James Station and Museum Station. If you’re feeling adventurous you can easily walk down to Circular Quay and be in awe of the sights of the Sydney Opera House and The Sydney Harbour Bridge, the walk to the harbour takes approximately 25 -30 minutes.

Travelodge Sydney Exterior
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There are a total of 410 rooms on offer spread over 18 levels with the hotel being a popular destination amongst both business and leisure travellers. I myself find that the Travelodge chain of hotels in Australia are perfectly suited towards young travellers who are mostly looking for an attractive and affordable place to stay without being too fancy and over the top.

I arrived into Sydney Airport around mid-afternoon and made my way to Central Station from Mascot, it’s a simple straightforward way of getting into the city centre without all the traffic chaos. You can also catch the direct AirportLink train from both Domestic and International terminals to Central Station, just simply follow the signage in the airport to get you to the AirportLink platform.

Sydney’s Airport Link
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Once arriving at Central Station there’s just a short walk to the hotel, it’s surprisingly easy to navigate around with baggage in hand, but on a hot day it can be exhausting. Alternatively, you can ride the AirportLink train straight to Museum Station which drops you closer to the hotel resulting in a shorter walk.

As you walk into the hotel’s main entrance the check in desks are located on the left, with multiple staff on hand to check you in. There was no one else in the queue when I arrived at the hotel, so I could simply just walk straight up to the counter and processed my reservation. A credit card along with one form of photographic ID is required to check into the hotel.

The lady at the check in desk quickly processed my reservation and handed over my room keys, little conversation was made during the process, but she did point out some of the hotels facilities, nearby attractions and also how to navigate your way around the hotel. Next to the check in area is a small fridge with chilled beverages which can be purchased along with other smaller snack options available at the front desk.

As you head around the corner to get the lift up to your floor, you will need to swipe your room key card on the black card reader in the lift to activate the floor selection buttons. There were some occasions where I had to wait an extended period of time for the lift to arrive on my floor when heading down to ground level.

The room that I was assigned was Room 1718, an easy room number to remember. It was situated on the second to top floor of the building on level 17. Once I arrived at my level and stepped out of the lift my room was located down the left side of the corridor right at the end, furthest away from the lifts as requested in my booking.

With a swipe of your room key on the card reader on your door the room is now all yours to enjoy during your stay.

Room 1718

The room that I booked was a Queen Guest Room with a queen bed, small kitchen area and city views.

As you first walk into the room, the view outside of the window immediately grabs your attention, looking out over rooftops in the city. If you can request a room on high floor with a view you won’t be disappointed!

Room Overview

As you walk into the room next to the door is a conveniently sized cupboard which is ideal for placing your luggage on, there’s no fiddling around trying to find the fold out baggage stand in your room.

Luggage Cupboard

Further into the room there’s a small kitchen area which offers everything you need throughout the duration of your stay. The mirror splashback helps make the room seem larger that it actually is and with a separate sink it offers many practical features also. A microwave sits on the top shelf which looks brand new and extremely clean.

Complimentary tea and coffee is provided with milk located in the fridge. A range of cutlery is provided in the first draw including knives, forks and spoons. Dishwashing liquid and a tea towel is also placed in the draw for guests to use, so there is no need to worry about your dirty dishes piling up.

Below the cutlery draw there’s a small fridge. It is only supplied with a small carton of milk but comes in handy if you need to keep any items cold such as food and drinks. Next to the fridge in the cupboard there is a range of glassware and crockery for you to use along with a kettle.

Fridge and Glassware Cupboard

A full sized queen bed sits in the middle of the room accented by the Travelodge trademark polka-dot pillows. Next to each side of the bed there are two powerpoints, but you will need to move the side tables out of the way to access them. Light switches and dimmer switches are also located on each side of the bed so there is no need to stumble around in the dark trying to turn the lights on.

Queen Bed

The bed was more on the firm side and you seemed to just lay on top of the mattress rather than sinking into it. I managed to have a pleasant night’s sleep even with the air conditioner running throughout the night, it was quiet enough to sleep over. The pillows were super soft and comfortable, even coming with that fresh laundry smell.

Queen Bed

Adoring the wall above the wooden bed head was a Griffiths Bro’s Cocoa canvas print, each room in the hotel has a different image depicting a local scene or landmark around Sydney.

Griffiths Bro’s Cocoa

On the left side of the bed on the side table there is a clock radio which also doubles up as an alarm clock and radio, on the opposite side of the bed is the telephone and a small notepad and pen.

In the wardrobe at the back of the room there is an in-room safe, iron, ironing board and hair dryer. There are spare pillows and blankets placed on the top shelf in the wardrobe and also a few coat hangers to hang up any shirts or jackets.

The view from the 17th floor was incredible as you’re situated higher that most of the surrounding buildings, they don’t impede on any of your view.

Next to the window is a small table which also doubles up as a work desk, along with two separate chairs. The chairs are prefect if you just want to sit back and relax and enjoy the view outside from your room without having to sit on the bed.

Dining Table

Sitting on the desk were two bottles of premium sparking water provided complimentary by the hotel along with a lovely hand written card from the Duty Manager Julio, welcoming me to the hotel. It’s amazing to think that the Travelodge are able to leave special items in the room, but yet a high end hotel with a premium price tag can’t. It’s something that a lot of hotels needs to take note of. At the end of the day it’s the first impression that counts and by adding these small personal touches it definitely makes your stay an enjoyable one.

The hotel directory provides you with all the information you need throughout your stay such as parking, check in and out times, internet connectivity and much more.

At the end of your bed is another small cupboard providing you with a multitude of storage space, the large full high definition television has a full array of channels including both local channels as well as cable/pay channels, so there is always something to watch.

If you are still stuck with nothing to watch on the television, you have the ability to mirror your mobile phones screen to the televisions screen, perfect if you want to look at photos, watch videos from streaming services such as Netflix, Stan and YouTube. The television also doubles up as an external speaker if you are listening to music on your device.

It’s east to connect your phone to the television, you just simply follow the on-screen instructions which talks you through the process. I connected my Samsung Note 8 and had no trouble at all with connecting it, but claims it will connect to most devices including Apple devices.

The room has an extremely efficient heating and cooling system with one of the most easiest to navigate control panels mounted on the wall. Staying in this hotel during summer it took no time for the air conditioner to cool down the room.

A separate bathroom is situated just as you enter into the room on your left.

Bathroom Overview

The bathroom is basic with nothing too exciting about it, there is no bath in the room so you can simply just step straight into the shower without having to climb over the bath. There is also an incredible amount of bench space on each side of the sink, perfect if you need to rest a hair straighter or dryer as well as your amenities.

The hotel provides complimentary amenities including shampoo, conditioner, soap and body lotion. If you are looking for the hair dryer I noticed it was stored in the wardrobe which didn’t make much sense to me, I guess as there is no storage cupboard in the bathroom.

When lying in bed at night you could hear various guest rooms’ doors slamming shut, it wasn’t overly annoying for me but it might be for others looking at staying at the hotel. I had a comfortable night’s sleep and despite being right in the heart of the city you can’t hear any outside noises from your room.

After staying that the Travelodge Sydney for the second time I’m extremely impressed with the hotel after enjoying my time here. The hotel often has some extremely generous deals and sales on throughout the year which means you can get some competitive rates.  My night at the Travelodge Sydney only ended up costing only $90 which is an absolute bargain!

Room Overview

Upon entering my room I was extremely impressed by how open and clean the room was, I couldn’t fault it in any way possible. The part that surprised me the most was having the duty manager of the hotel leaving a personalised hand written card in the room along with two bottles of sparking water. After having another great stay at the Travelodge Sydney I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this hotel especially if you’re looking for a hotel room situated right in the heart of the CBD that is highly competitive with pricing.

Disclaimer: All the reviews are simply a summary of my experience and opinions from my own point of view. Unless stated, all of the flights and experiences are paid for by myself as a self-funded frequent flyer. No articles or reviews are influenced in any way by a third party or company.

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