Connecting the Middle East with China, Emirates’ bold new partnership with China Southern Airlines.

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Date Posted: 16/02/2019

With the start of the month and Chinese New Year celebrations in full swing, a new strategic codeshare partnership has been announced between Emirates and China Southern Airlines, with both carriers signing a memorandum of understanding to progress a comprehensive reciprocal codeshare agreement.

The new partnership will open up a wide range of destinations for Emirates’ own passengers who will now get to enjoy seamless connections on domestic flights throughout China.

There are a limited number of Chinese cities that are included in this codeshare agreement including Fuzhou, Chongqing, Kunming, Qingdao, Xiamen, Chengdu, Nanjing and Xi ‘an for the initial phase of the partnership.

I suspect that as the partnership grows more cities will be added to this list. The aviation industry in China is huge, it’s a good move from Emirates to provide codeshare flights to passengers who can then enjoy greater access to various destinations.

For Chinese visitors visiting the UAE they will not need a visa due to the ‘UAE Visa-Free Policy’. Passengers will be able to spend extra time to explore and experience Dubai prior to flying onto their final destination, allowing passengers to unwind between flights and stretch their legs before flying the following day.

Passengers travelling from China will also benefit immensely with improved connection times, so there’s less waiting between flights when connecting onto Emirates’ huge network of flights.

For all passengers on board an Emirates Codeshare service it will provide a simple and stress free experience with transit times dramatically reduced between connecting sectors, being able to hold one booking reference for all your flights, an easy check in process as well as boarding and baggage benefits.

“We’re pleased to establish a partnership with China Southern Airlines, allowing Emirates’ customers to benefit from increased choice, flexibility and ease of connection to different cities across China’s provinces, by connecting in Guangzhou. The addition of the eight domestic routes in the initial stage expands our reach in China, beyond the three Chinese hub cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou”.

Adnan Kazim, Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning, Revenue Optimisation & Aeropolitical Affairs.

This signing is also the first codeshare agreement between Emirates and a China based airline. As Emirates is known for going all out, this partnership is no exception working with one of the biggest airlines in China.

China Southern Airlines and Emirates have kept quiet with regards to frequent flyer benefits and lounges access when flying on one of the new eight codeshare services, but the CEO of China Southern Air Holding Company, Han Wensheng mentioned in a media release that this is only the start of their cooperation. Future opportunities will include freight, frequent flyer benefits and lounges access including airport collaboration. “They will be explored in the future” he said.

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