Day 1: Arrival into Hong Kong

Saturday, 2nd March 2019

The day started with an early wake up call at 5am, ready to leave home at 6am to get to the airport in time for our flight to Sydney. We had a brief breakfast in the Qantas Club prior to our departing flight.

We took off from Adelaide Airport at 8.10am and landed in Sydney at 10.30am, with the flight being relatively smooth. Breakfast was served on the plane which was cornflakes and a muesli bar, tea and coffee was also given out throughout the economy cabin. We got to sit right at the front of the economy class section so we were able to peek into business and see what they were having. Around three quarters into the flight the Customer Service Manager on the plane came around to make sure that we were all settled and everything was okay. She topped up our tea/coffee and also came back with some freshly warmed muffins from the business class galley for us to enjoy.

When we landed in Sydney all we needed to do was to just head around to gate 15 and get the complimentary airport shuttle over to the international terminal across to the other side of the airport. The bus transfer over only took ten minutes and we were there in no time. We were given the scenic route driving past various planes as we drove around, huge A380’s dwarfed the bus as we pulled into the international terminal.

When you get off the bus at international you can head straight towards the security and passport control area. We had no troubles getting through the automated passport machines which scan your passport and check it against your photo without having to go up to a person at the desk. The next step was getting through security.

Of course like all of our other travels something funny has to happen along the way… this time it was my turn.. as I had to take my belt off to go through security I put it into the tray to go through the scanner but somewhere between the Xray scanner and the departure gate I realized that I have no idea where my belt had gone. Thankfully my pants remained up and they didn’t fall down as we were in the lounge or walking through the terminal…. so somewhere along the line, someone managed to score a free belt. Whoops!

After passing through duty free and getting a few things we headed up to the Qantas First Class Lounge on the upper level of the terminal.

As you walk into the lounge there is a huge vertical green wall full of plants. As we made our way up to the front desk to get our boarding passes scanned to enter the lounge one of the Qantas Lounge hosts welcomed us all into the lounge and already had a table reserved for us in the dining section. It was set up in the best spot over looking the runway and terminal, with planes taking off and going in all directions.

One of my friends works in the First Lounge and he spoilt us all while we were there, I don’t think any of us have eaten so much food ever!

We got to enjoy a range of dishes starting with the salt and pepper squid and grilled chicken. For mains we had an assortment of dishes to choose from including Spaghettini with roast pumpkin, sage and burnt butter, Grilled cheese burgers, Spicy cumin lamb noodles with sesame, cucumber and chilli oil.

Dessert soon followed with chocolate mousse with chocolate sorbet, Qantas’ iconic pavlova, butter mochi cake with pineapple and coconut sorbet.

Drinks also accompanied each dish, from French champagnes, expensive wines and of course tea and coffee.

The Qantas First Lounge host had booked me in for a spa treatment, its comes complimentary in the lounge but you do need to book in advance to get a spot as it is extremely popular. I had a facial which was something that I’ve never had before, it was hard to believe that you were even in an airport getting a spa treatment….. I guess there’s a first for everything!

While in the lounge my friend that was working there brought out a birthday surprise for me which was a plate full of fruit and a happy birthday chocolate plaque on the plate. It was a really nice touch that was completely unexpected. The lounge experience was amazing and one of the best I have ever had.

Boarding commenced at Gate 32 which was only a short walk from the lounge, we were too full to walk too far so lucky it was close by

As we boarded the aircraft all the staff were extremely welcoming. As we settled into our seats we got the royal treatment, two of the managers on board came up to us and welcomed us on board the flight to Hong Kong. Soon after getting in our seats we were given a glass of champagne to welcome us once again.

The flight was slightly delayed due to a passenger not showing up so they had to offload their baggage that was in the cargo hold. We departed at 3:50pm slightly behind schedule, but no doubt we will make it up during the flight.

Throughout the flight, even though we were sitting in economy and had booked the cheapest tickets possible we were enjoying parts of the business class service. The cabin managers were always coming past us asking if we needed anything and were making a huge fuss over all of us on board. Everyone was just staring at us as things from the business gallery were given to us through the curtain.

For dinner on the flight was a Chicken chow mein which tasted so good. We flew over the harbour and continued to fly over Darwin and onto Hong Kong. We had no problems getting through customs and getting our bags. The airport is huge and full of glass windows. As you enter the terminal everyone has a temperature check automatically so hats must be removed.

We are at the hotel looking at massive high rise apartment blocks everywhere. Its after midnight so we have been up for 23hrs and need some sleep. Goodnight.. 🙂

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