Day 2: Exploring Hong Kong

Sunday, 3rd March 2019

Today we had our first day of exploring Hong Kong. We had already pre-booked to do the Ngong Ping Cable car today, dispite waking up to a cloudy, wet, drizzly day and an impending thunderstorm. We could walk to the station from the hotel 5 minutes away. Within 10 minutes we were onboard a glass bottom carriage across Lantau Island.

eIt was drizzly but spectacular views all the way over. We could see thru the floor at the water underneath as well as the trees and the walking paths.

The ride there took just under an houe. On disembarking at the other end we could walk and explore a small village called Ngong Ping village. Here there were souvenier shops, eating places, Starbucks and other shops. Statues of warriors lined the roadway to the entrance of The Giant Buddha. This was huge and there were thousands of steps up there.

At this time it stared raining and then a huge fog rolled in and covered the Buddha as well as the walkways and road and visibility was only about 10m. After 3 hours we got back on a carriage back downhill all the way. Visibility in the fog stopped us from seeing half of the ride but the coming into the station at the end was amazing with views of the airport and huge apartment blocks on all sides.

After that we got on the MTR train and went to Causeway Bay. This was 40min away near the city of Hong Kong. It cost $78HK for the 3 of us and catching the train and changing trains at Central station was quite easy but the amount of people on the trains was incredibly busy!! We wandered the shopping centre there for hours and found a McDonalds for lunch.

Burgers are exactly the same in taste and price. We saw Huge pink apartment blocks very old next to brand new Gucci mega shopping complex. People were everywhere. Footpaths were incredibly. There is even a Times Square there but nothing like America. Also we went into IKEA there. A tiny shop with a million people in it. Tiny walkways and a very low roof. The lounges and chairs there in the shop were filled with people. Everyone just goes in there to sit on the furniture and eat and use their phones. It was the strangest thing ever to see. Nothing like our IKEA.

Temperature is about 25c with little humidity. Blue skies in the city but so many people. We got the train back about 6.30pm and the train was packed full all the way.

Tonight we ate at an Italian Pizza house. Food was really good!! It was an exhausting day. Tomorrow we check out and head to the airport to catch A cathay Pacific flight to Bangkok. Going to try the 7 lounges that the airport has. Should be another interesting day in a different country.

Today we trained, cable car-ed and walked. Always something different to see and its good that everyone speaks English except for a couple of people. Time for bed as its midnight again.

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