Day 3: Bound for Bangkok

Monday, 4th March 2019

Today we don’t have a flight till after 4pm so we decided to go for a walk around the hotel area. Stopped at Starbucks for coffee. The coffee is different to the US in that it is not bitter and very creamy.

We admired the gardens around the area which are kept immaculate. Paths are washed down and cleaned and gardens trimmed regularly. Tesla electric cars are very popular here too. It is not a modern technology city. They still issue the old fashioned receipts. Everyone speaks good English so the language barrier is not a problem anywhere. We check out at 12pm and get on the free hotel airport shuttle bus to Hong Kong Int Airport which is a 15min ride. The airport is huge with 530 gates!!!!!!!!!!

We got lost but checking in was really easy using the smart gates is so quick. We found the Qantas lounge eventually after walking around the airport for ages trying to find it. We only stayed a while there as we were flying with Cathay Pacific to Bangkok. Cathay has 4 lounges and 2 first class lounges in Hong Kong Airport that we wanted to check out while we were here.

The first on we went to was not good as they brought the wrong meals to our table so we went to the next lounge, which was situated at gate 63. We had walked from gate 4. This took 20 minutes to walk there. This lounge was full so they sent us to another one. Lucky they did because this one had everything.

We started with pumpkin, Kale and CousCous salad, then a Wagyu Beef burger cooked perfectly with cheese and salad on a brioche bun with chips that tasted amazing. Then had a fruit platter, It was already 3pm and we had to be at the gate at 3.25pm. It was a 20min walk back to Gate 4.

The Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-1000 is the newest plane out now. This plane was only a few months old and the interior was still brand new. We were travelling business on this flight as we used our points to upgrade. I sat in 17a on the left side. We had a 20min delay on the tarmac because of traffic. Once we taxiied out to the runway we were 8th in the queue.

The cameras on the plane are located behind the front wheel and on the tail. This was amazing to watch him taxiing out on the line and then take off when the wheel went up. The flight was smooth and quiet and it didn’t feel like you were on a plane at all. We started off with a glass of champagne.

Entree was a prawn salad with crunchy hot roll or garlic bread. Drinks were topped up regularly. Main was Chicken or Lamb shank. I had lamb with roast potato, carrot balls and beans. This was delicious. Dessert was Haagen-Danz ice cream. Mine was vanilla which was nice. I had a cappucino and then was surprised with a birthday cake from the crew and hand written birthday card. We then had coffee and cake for the rest of the flight. The crew were super friendly and they made sure we were looked after. Their attention to detail and friendliness was outstanding. Even better than Qantas!!!

The plane was the best plane I have ever been on. The interior is immaculate. The toilet even has a window and s much bigger than normal and is clean and fresh and has Jurlique hand wash and cream from Mt Barker in it. Thats good for a Hong Kong airline. It was time to land in Bangkok.

Coming in to land we saw lots of paddocks of gardens growing veggies and water everywhere. Landing was smooth and we waited for the plane to empty cos the crew wanted a photo with me. The pilot came out to introduce himself. He was ab Australian pilot, So we had a good chat to him, The airport was chaotic. People everywhere, noisy, feral people.

Outside we waited for a taxi. It was hot and sweaty 33c. We got a taxi van eventually after 30min. The taxi driver was crazy. He cut people off. Beeped at everyone one even the police. No one has rego plates. All were on their phones. Cars were going lane to lane with no indicators. Roads were rough. The city is dirty and no lanes marked. A bit like Mexico. We were glad to get to the hotel.

The hotel is nice thank god. There are lots of tall buildings and advertising led boards everywhere. IT will be interesting to see what it looks like daytime as it was dark when we arrived.We will go across the road tomorrow to the largest shopping centre in Bangkok.

We don’t have much time to sight see because we have an afternoon flight.

Photos have also been added to the other two days blogs also.

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