Day 4: Back to Hong Kong

Tuesday, 5th March 2019

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Yesterdays blog…… just a day late.

Today we woke up in Bangkok which was a first, the hotel was amazing and the beds were super comfortable for out stay here. Bangkok definitely isn’t what I imagined it to be like, or maybe we just stayed on the good side of the city.

There are so many scooters everywhere you look and at the traffic lights everyone is on their scooters beeping their way through all the traffic and not having any care in the world about anyone or anyone else on the road, thank god for traffic lights!

The hotel had included breakfast for our stay and we made sure we woke up early enough to enjoy the food on offer in the mezzanine level, our day we extremely limited with the time we had to explore and look around. There was so much food on offer and the restaurant was huge! it was a help yourself buffet style layout with food from every country in the world on offer. From making your own sushi, frying your own fish balls, enjoying a hot spicy curry, freshly cooked eggs, cereals, yogurts, pastries, danishes and every kind of bread you could think of.

They even had honey, which you could scrape straight off the slide of honey comb from the hive, something that i’ve never seen before.You colud even get Vegemite here too!

We all ate way too much so we decided that we would go for a walk to the the biggest shopping centre in Bangkok, it was ten levels high, with any type of shop you could think of – It would be like Marion Shopping Centre but 5 times bigger with each floor dedicated to one particular type of item, eg one floor was just on clothes, another for electronics etc. They have plenty of McDonalds here and Starbucks coffee, we even managed to track down a Sizzler restaurant.

The weather here was 34 degrees and extremely humid, the roads were full of scooters and people hanging out the back of utes traveling at 120km/h going down the highway.

We saw many temples on the sidewalks with various benders selling marigolds as a blessing item along with incense sticks. the city itself is very dirty on the streets.

Buildings were dumps, that were falling apart and terrible conditions, the electrical cables are all just piled up along the side of the road in a heap, its amazing why no one gets injured here with the stupid things they have here. Its a place where you would want to be extremely careful when walking around.

At 1.30 we headed back to the hotel to back pack our bags and get a taxi to the airport for our flight back to Hong Kong. The taxi drive was 20 minutes long and cost only 500 Baht. The driver was like a mad man yelling at people and beeping his horn at anyone who went past.

The next challenge was trying to find the check in desk for Royal Jordanian, the check in terminal has 20 check in areas spread over a distance of a football field, of course known our luck it was number 18, which was right down the opposite end of the check in area.

It took us 40 minutes to get to the gate, and we were exhausted!!!

We finally got on board the Dreamniner with the Muslim pilots flying us to Hong Kong, we departed on time but had a delay when landing in Hong Kong, arriving later then anticipated.

The food on board the flight was really good, they had lettuce, celery, cabbage and carrot salad, with balsamic dressing, assorted bread items and garlic bread. For the main meal I had pasta and dad had Veal. For dessert we had an Arabic coffee tart, which was like a sponge cake with a fancy icing on top.

The flight was smooth and it was great experience.

We made out way to the bus/transfer area at the terminal and waited for our shuttle bus to the Marriott Hotel, the hotel is situated only 5 minutes away from the terminal itself and is close to Disneyland, ready for us to go to tomorrow.

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