Day 5: Disneyland

Wednesday, 6th March 2019

This morning we woke up early as we had a free breakfast in the lounge. this was on the 12th floor which had a great view looking towards the airport. We went out on the balcony there and watched the planes taking off past us. Hong Kong airport is extremely busy and planes take over 24/7.
Last night the planes were taking off and flying over our hotel and past our room window. It was awesome watching them. Could also hear them all night.

We packed the bags and checked out at 9.30am and waited for the free hotel bus to take us out to Disneyland a 15min bus trip away.

This morning it is raining and heavy rain is forecast and thunderstorms. It rained all the way in the bus and got heavier and heavier. Dad was soaked before we got to the front gate as he didn’t have a rain jacket. Everyone had umbrellas and jackets and by the time we got in the front gate. Everyone shoes were soaking wet and they stayed that way all day because it rained constantly. Parts of the park were flooded and underwater and many sections had to be closed as the rainfall was so excessive.

All the outside rides were closed because of the lightning and they didn’t end up opening them till around 4.30pm. Everyone in the whole park was soaking wet. You couldn’t avoid it. All the shops had wet floors and they sold out of ponchos and umbrellas first thing.

I got to have my photo with Ee Aw and Tigger. Then met Pluto and Goofy who became my best friends. I saw them again later and Pluto ran up to me to hug me and wouldn’t let me go. That was embarrassing!!!

We got to go on some rides. One was a roller coaster mine ride going backwards and forwards and up and down a mountain. We did this twice then went to Toy Story land. Rain had stopped for a while and finally the lightening and thunder was gone. My phone had stopped working as it got full of water from the rain just from inside my pocket. So I couldn’t take any more photos at the end.

We left at around 6pm and caught the train from the Disney resort to Sunny Bay then transferred to Central station to catch the airport express train to the Marriott hotel. When we got there we picked up our bags from storage and got a taxi to our last hotel in Kowloon the heart of Hong Kong. This taxi ride took 20min and cost 330HKD.

We checked into the Intercontinental Grand Stanford hotel on the waterfront.

They have a laser light show every night at 8pm on the harbour. We got to see some of it as we arrived about then. We went for a walk to get some dinner. The weather here is about 21c and no humidity. Its a busy city with so many high rise buildings with neon billboards and lights. One building has a huge digital clock up the top of the building and has moving pictures of birds and clouds that go up and down and across the building. It is a massive tall building.

We walked along the harbour waterfront to look at all the buildings and lights. The harbour water really smells and they are doing a lot of dredging in it.

Tomorrow we will have the day to explore the city. We are taking a tram ride up to the top of the mountain we can see from our room window tomorrow as well as a bit of shopping.

Saw Adelaide had a top of 20c. That must be a relief from the heat.

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