Day 6: What a crazy city!

Thursday, 7th March 2019

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Today is our final full day in Hong Kong. We are up early and walking to the train station on our way to the Peak Tram. The Peak Tram carries 120 people a tram car up 428m above sea level. It starts at the bottom of the hill and is pulled up by a cable at a 27 degree climb to the top.

The Peak is right at the top of the mountain behind Hong Kong. There is an observation area on the rooftop of the Peak Tower. There is souvenir shops and eating places as well. On the rooftop today it is cold and raining and windy as hell!!! Yes its raining again today and at this height at the top of the mountain the clouds are going past the building.

The view is spectacular and the best sight seeing location to see out of all of Hong Kong.

We took photos of every view and also had a professional photo taken in gale force winds. Dad fell over while taking some photos for some Asians and then while having the professional photo taken the lady stopped to tell him his shirt had blown up and his gut was hanging out, I thought this was hilarious but he didn’t . Mum had to do a peace sign but she did it backwards and was giving the lady the finger. That was sooo funny!!!

We had Burger King at the Peak Tower. They taste similar to Hungry Jacks except you can have a beer with your combo meal.

We got the tram back this time sitting backwards and going down the hill. It was good fun.

Next we walked around the finance district which joined up to another 3 shopping centers. We ended up underground trying to get out of the shopping centre for 2 hours. Didn’t see daylight in all that time. You walk in off the street and don’t come out for ages. So many shops and they have every brand and shop here. Didn’t really buy much. Fashion is different here. The new sneakers have inbuilt socks in them. There are streets with all the luxury brands like Chanel and Armani.

We went up three levels of escalators to shops which were the longest ever. We then had to get back over to Kowloon where we are staying so we got a ferry across for $3 which took us to the cruise ship terminal so we had to go back thorough the shops there to get into the subway to walk back thru the train stations underground to then get to the hotel. Underground train stations go everywhere and you can walk for hours before you come up.
We sat in our room for a change till dinner where we had pizza. Also had a free drink voucher to use in the hotel so had that and they give you a bowl of wasabi nuts, chips and nuts.

Last place to go for today is the Temple street night markets in China town so caught an Uber as it is still raining. These markets have everything made in China you can think off. Bargaining is the only way to get a gd price as they always start with the high price.

We didn’t stay long as it was raining and cold. Also we managed to see the Light show on the harbor which is at 8pm and lasts 15min every night. Well worth seeing. It was raining for this too. English is spoken everywhere so language is not a problem. Some can speak it but might not understand you. People are really friendly.

Tonight we are going to repack our bags. We have to go to one more place tomorrow morning which is the Observation deck to look at the view. I am craving chocolate donuts, hot dogs and chocolate which they don’t have donuts or hot dogs here. we plan to leave the hotel at lunchtime to give us time to have something nice to eat in the lounge before the 9.5hr flight. We are flying on an A380 back home and the flight is full. Usually it is an A330 so not sure why there is so many people on iy coming home. Our flight leaves at 6.25pm Friday night and lands at 7am Saturday morning.

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