Emirates extends partnership with the Collingwood Football Club.

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Date Posted: 02/06/2019

For over twenty years Emirates has been one of the main sponsors of the Collingwood Football Club, becoming one of the airlines most enduring and successful sponsorship properties in the Australian market.

Emirates has been named as the Premier Partner of the Collingwood Football Club, and have been instrumental in delivering outstanding results to one of Australia’s famous and widely supported clubs in the Australian Football League (AFL).

20 Years Graphic (Image: Collingwood Football Club)

The two-decade sponsorship is also one of Emirates’ longest standing sports sponsorship in the world.

“We’re proud to be renewing our partnership with Collingwood Football Club after 20 years as Premier Partner, making it one of our longest standing sports sponsorships globally. It’s a true partnership in every sense of the word and has created opportunities to connect travellers with an iconic Australian club.”

Barry Brown, Emirates’ Divisional Vice President, Australasia.
Sam Murray (Image: Collingwood Football Club AFL NSWACT)

The sponsorship has continued longer than many others in the same sporting league. Barry Brown, Emirates’ Divisional Vice President attributes the length of this sponsorship to Australia’s professional sporting culture along with the Collingwood Football Clubs ambitions reflecting those of Emirates’ commitments to the Australian Market.

Emirates’ logo will continue to be displayed on both the front and back of Collingwood’s guernseys and shorts during the club’s football games.

Sponsorship (Image: Collingwood Football Club)

Over $100 million has been invested and put into the Australian market through the arts, community initiatives and sports industries.

CFC Infographic (Image: Emirates)

“Twenty years ago, Emirates and Collingwood took flight. Together, they continue to fly first class,”

Eddie McGuire, Collingwood Football Club President

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